The Legend, The Man, His Story -- Testimonials

Boomtown, Las Vegas testimonial To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to introduce and recommend John Wain.

Mr. Wain was employed by Boomtown Las Vegas as a casino host for approximately three years. During his tenure at Boomtown Mr. Wain worked vigorously to insure all visitors enjoyed their Boomtown experience. His skill in recreating the John Wayne legend and persona was amazing and immediately put guests at ease. An outgoing and exciting personality made Mr. Wain one of Boomtown's top producers of local clientele and high end guests.

In addition to his duties as a host Mr. Wain also starred in Boomtowns very popular and successful lounge show, as well as representing Boomtown at many charitable functions and events, most notably, opening the Nationals Final Rodeo. Mr. Wain was an excellent ambassador for Boomtown, always leaving a positive and memorable impression.

Finally Mr. Wain's professionalism and attention to detail made all who worked with him better at performing their duties. He is honest hard working and always the gentleman, as you would expect from the Duke.

Should you have andy questions concerning Mr. Wain please do not hesitate to call.


Jerry Day
Vice President - Gaming Operations.