The Legend, The Man, His Story

"I only wish the Duke were here to see someone carrying on the things he loved best." Pilar Wayne
For 35 years John Wain has been portraying his hero, John Wayne, all over the United States and some foreign countries. He has entertained John Wayne fans in Caesar's Palace, Vegas World, Imperial Palace, Boom Town and in stage productions, such as "Chorus Line." Wain, his real name, performed at George W. Bush's inauguration and did 40 shows at the convention. He has done over 250 television and radio commercials and starred in a movie, "The Last American Hero," authorized by John Wayne's wife. Wain has also performed at many fairs, including the Florida State Fair.

The only man to win three Best Supporting Actor Oscar awards

In addition to Wayne, Wain impersonates Walter Brennan, Frank Fontaine's "Crazy Guggenheim" and a little of Kathrine Hepburn. Jimmy Stewart His road to Branson was not a pleasant one. He first heard of Branson and its shows over 20 years ago, but didn't arrive until 2004. While in Shreveport, LA. he was called to do public relations for a Branson organization. "I was 50 miles out of Shreveport on my way to Branson when I received a phone call that I had been cancelled. It broke my heart," he said. He was then offered the opportunity to perform at the Little Opry Theatre in the IMAX Entertainment Complex.
True patriotism is a lot more than getting a lump in your throat when the flag passes by. It involves determination on your part to see that america remains free. It involves your willingness to put the best interest of our country ahead of your own self interest. Individual interest may be important, but the art of democracy is the ability to recognize the common good and the ability to give, not just to take. There are 231 million people out there today that can pull our nation together or pull it apart. which way did you pull today?
by: John Wayne
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